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About Us

Miami Valley Massage Therapy is formerly Vandalia Massage Therapy. We have over 21 years of experience helping the Miami Valley with their massage therapy needs. We believe that you don't need to just tolerate your aches and pains. Whether they are caused by medical conditions, work, play or just life in general, with a proactive approach to your health care you can get ahead of the “pain train” so to speak. We would like to serve you by being a part of that care. We are now located in the historic block of 5 North Main Street in Englewood, Ohio. Our licensed massage therapists, Rick Phillips, Cindy Barty and Kelsey Smith are ready to serve you.

How can we help?

Our licensed massage therapists are trained to work with each individual client to ensure that their specific needs are met. We will tailor your massage to suit you. The bottom line is we want to help you. Come to us with injuries, ailments, or your desire to relax. Although massage is not a cure-all, it can be a healthy alternative to treating and coping with many of the problems affecting our lives today.


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5 Main Street, Englewood, OH 45322

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Miami Valley Massage Therapy

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